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Nowadays using a credit card instead of cash is more convenient and many people use credit cards for making big purchases and transactions. If you are in search of getting a new credit card and you must go for MyPremierCreditCard as it is a great option for you. All the features of My Premier Credit Card along with the account details are mentioned in this article. Go through the article for complete details.

In the United States, First Premier Bank is known as one of the largest company, which provide Credit Cards. It was started in the year of 1986 and the founder of the bank was T.Denny Stanford. The bank is situated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Move towards the next section for more details of FirstPremierCreditCard.

The process of checking the account balance is explained in this article along with the important features of the credit card.

About The First Premier Bank

The location of the bank is in South Dakota and all the people living in local, the regional and national level can avail the financial services offered by them. This bank is having 1.5 billion USD assets and it is one of the famous banks in the USA. This bank is for the people who are facing financial pressure. In the USA First Premier Bank is known as the 13th largest issuer of credit cards. In 1986, Mr. T. Denny Sanford started this bank. This bank knows best as it works without any debt and in the year, 2015 got an award as the healthiest bank in the USA.

About The First Premier Bank

If you are new to buy a credit card then for sure MyPremierCreditCard is the best option for you as it is one of the best credit card providers in the USA. They have the best customer service as they serve their customers with pleasure. The services offered by them of the credit card includes loan, ATM vault saving, treasury and checking. The services offered by them can be availed by the customers 24/7.

MyPremierCreditCard Account Login

All the customers having the bank account can easily apply for the credit card and enjoy it. After getting the credit card, you can create a login account for online access. So if you already have an account then log in your account and start using it. However, if you are a new customer then you can create your account by using the process explained below:

  • Visit the official site of MyPremierCreditCard by using the link.
  • You will be directed towards the homepage.
MyPremierCreditCard Account Login
  • Here you have to click on the link “Enroll for signing up”.
  • You should have a bank account to get online access and carry your account number with you while going through this process.
  • Next click on continue.
MyPremierCreditCard Account Login
  • Now go through the next step and after completing that you can have your account ready.
  • Once you will be done with the process you can easily access your account and view your credit card history.

Above explained was the Registration process of MyPremierCreditCard Login. If you are having the account already then you can log in your account simply by using your Username and Password.

Uses of Having Your Account Login:

After creating an account, you can enjoy various options offered by the bank that are as follow:

  • Can view your present account balance anytime by just logging in your account.
  • Can make your bill payments.
  • View the online transaction.
  • Can view the account statement online.
  • View your amount of the credit card anytime.

How to Respond to MyPremierCreditCard Mail Offer

If you have received an offer in the mail and would like to apply using your confirmation number, click “Apply Now” below.

How to Respond to MyPremierCreditCard Mail Offer

How to Apply For MyPremierCreditCard

You cannot use MyPremierCreditCard portal without having a MyPremier Credit Card. So, getting MyPremier credit card is an easy procedure.

  • First of all, visit MyPremier Credit Card site.
  • Next, click on the “Apply Now” Button.
  • Now, provide your personal information as required.
  • You should fill this information carefully and correctly.
  • Eventually, Click on “Continue” Button.  After this, you will get your card in a few days.

Make MyPremierCreditCard Payment

If you have a MyPremierCreditCard account then you can manage your account anytime. To make your payments online is quite easy now. Follow the steps given below for your guide to make your payment done. By just using your account, you can make this process done.

  • Visit the official site of MyPremierCC by using the link.
  • You will be directing towards login page.
  • Now here you have to enter your login credentials.
  • Now from the options list, you have to select “Make a Payment” option.
  • You can select whether you have to pay the complete amount or the minimum one.
  • There is another option in which you can pay any other amount from the previous ones.

Make sure that you are making your payments on time. It will save you from the additional charges on different purchases you make if you will pay it on time or before the due date.


If you cannot access your account online or due to some reason, do not have access to your account then you can go for other options to make your payments of a credit card.

Payment Over Phone

For MoneyGram locations, you can make your payment over the phone by using the number i.e. 1-800-926-94-00. On the other hand, you can visit the location with your MyPremierCC number and by using the code 6267, you can make your payments easily.

Payment at Western Union

By just using the PREMIER SD code you can make your payment at any one location of the Western Union.

Payment using Mail Address

If you want to send your payment by post then you can use the mail address given below:

First PREMIER Bank
PO Box 5529
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529

if one service is not working you can go for the alternate service. We love to serve you anytime. So select the method, which is convenient for you.

My Premier Credit Card Mobile App

For the convenience of the customers, online banking is introduced in the market so that you can avail all the services offered by the company just by one click. By using Mobile-banking app, you are just one click away to enjoy the facilities presented by them. Good news! For the users of MyPremierCreditCard, they are presenting their mobile app for both Android and IOS user so that customers can manage their account easily anytime.

Mobile App Benefits

Some benefits app of MyPremierCreditCard are given below:

  • Manage your account easily by using the mobile app.
  • By using the app you can make your payment anytime.
  • You can access your account anytime by just logging in your account by using your id and password.
  • Can check the e-statement and email.
  • With the mobile app, you can easily manage your MyPremierCC account.
  • Can make a request for increasing your credit limit.
  • Many other features.

Steps to Prevent Security Risks

Take notice on the points given below to avoid the security risks.

  • Avoid signing in your account by using public Wi-Fi in any case.
  • Keep the banking details personal.
  • Use the solutions for maintaining the security in your device.
  • In case your phone is lost or stolen, the first thing you need to do is to block your bank account.

How To Recover Password?

In case you forgot your My Premier Credit Card account’s password, you can easily recover it by using the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official site of MyPremierCreditCard by using the link mentioned above.
  • You will be directing towards login page.
  • Now locate the option Forgot Username or Password and click on it.
How To Recover Password
  • You will see a new window in front of you.
  • Now here you have to enter your account number and social security number.
How To Recover Password
  • Next again click on the “Forgot username or password” link.
  • To recover your password you have to follow the instruction presented to you on screen.

Final Verdict

MyPremierCreditCard account provides you online access to manage your account anytime. Moreover, it provides you different payment methods. For more details about My Premier Credit Card, you can visit the official site. Hope you will find this information useful for you. If you have any query related to this article, feel free to contact us anytime.

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